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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Building your Database

Develop Your Sphere of Influence

You should have already started building your database by making a list of everybody you know, your sphere of influence. These people already have a relationship or association with you and may already trust you. These people are the first group you should prospect to, to increase your chance of jump starting your business.

Some suggestions for your list are:

People from school
People you do business with (doctor, dentist, grocery store)
Sports groups or hobby groups
Employers, co-workers, customers
Organizations you belong to (PTA, etc...)

You must also have a way to manage the contacts you have. Contact Management Systems(CMS) can be very simple or very complex. They can be as simple as a file box system or, if you have a little money you can computerize your database and contact management. A great place to find more info and compare CMS is

Now that you have started your database and are contacting those people on a regular basis (more on this in the next issue), you must continue to build your list DAILY. Not once a week or every other Tuesday, DAILY. We all have a tendency to get caught up in life and if you do not prospect and continue to build your database you will find yourself looking for another line of work. Build it daily!

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