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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lead Generation

Many people get into real estate thinking that all they have to do is get their license and sit back and watch the money roll in. Well, if you haven't gotten your license yet, think again. And if you have your license you have probably realized by now that people aren't pounding down your door trying to give you money.

Having a real estate business is all about lead generation. You must generate new leads every day if you want to be successful. New agents come out and, if they are given the right guidance, they prospect consistently until they have generated a seller or buyer contract or two, but then they get busy dealing with inspections and title stuff and they forget to prospect.

Bad move! Remember, the clients you get today result in a paycheck in the next month or so.

Stay focused, prospect daily and set yourself up for success. For prospecting ideas, sign up for my business tips newsletter.

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